It is Time…to step out in your calling


Have you ever wondered why society has not been transformed by the Body of Christ? Have you ever been frustrated at not being released into your calling? In this book Michael Marcel traces the history of the Church from New Testament times up until today, showing how the Church of today has become an institution that has difficulty fulfilling its commission to prepare God’s people for works of service. He then shows how the Church might change in order to become the new wineskin that God is looking for at this time and he shows how we can all, whatever our circumstances, step into the commission God has given us.

If you are not being equipped and envisioned by your church, you need to read this book to understand why.

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“For the past 10 years prophets have been prophesying that the 21st century Church will look entirely different from what we have seen up to now. We have yet to experience this. In this book Michael raises questions and offers some solutions for the future reformation of the church; including the need for people to turn their faces and gifts towards our society so that it can be changed. You will find this book a worthwhile challenge.”
Dr Sharon Stone Founder and Apostle of Christian International Europe.

“Michael Marcel presents in his new book various viewpoints from history, theology and other references that express the burning passion of his heart to see the real Church (the People) and not the building become the Church in the workplace, marketplace, home etc. He wishes to see the desires of God’s heart come to pass, to have the word become flesh and move into the neighbourhood. I believe it will make very educating and enlightening reading for those who are desperate to do more for God.”
Dr Sola Fola-Alade Senior Pastor Trinity Chapel, London. Author of “Discover Your Hidden Treasures” and “So Who Do You really think You Are?”

“Michael’s book makes a great read. It is informative as it casts a new light on aspects of church history. It is also a challenge to the status quo of church life as we so often experience it in Western Christianity. The reader will hear a call throughout the book for the reshaping of church, but, I anticipate the most powerful element in the book is vision of the release of the gifts that are within the body of Christ. To the reader I say: The pages you will read will invite you to enter a journey of both discovering the call of God and the release of that call. If the body of Christ is released the church will be reformed. This book will make a significant contribution toward that process.”
Martin Scott Author of “Embracing Tomorrow”, “Gaining Ground” and “Impacting the City”.

“Michael has written with conviction, touching on poignant issues that call for the attention of a progressive Body of Christ. His in-depth analysis of the historical journey of the Church particularly in Britain makes “It Is Time… to step out in your calling” a must read; so also are his well argued reasons for some faulty foundations in the Church today. This is one book that has to be read with an open mind and with due consideration of the word of scripture that cautions on knowing in part and prophesying in part (1 Cor 13:9). I highly recommend his book.”
Obii Pax-Harry, Pastor Author of “Prophetic Engagement-The Issachar Mandate” and “Breaking Bonds of Wickedness in The Last Days”.


“My heart flooded with excitement, especially when I read different testimonies. It inspired my faith and helped me to deepen my understanding. Chapter 9 was strong enough to make me get out of bed and I read it walking back and forth in my room. It was a call to understand the unlimited power of God and expand my mind. As a result, I have a wider vision and a bigger courage to step out.”

“The book is just great ! I loved the history and [there are] many things I have had to take time to think about, but do love the challenges you give us all through the book. What do I really believe and how much have I just been spoon fed? Now I am on the challenge of what am I personally going to do about it and am I ready to be launched?” 

“Caroline says It is Time.. is one of the most refreshing and well-written books she’s read.”



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